Nubbinator is an early maker who started experimenting with keycap casting in 2013, a few months after he joined Geekhack. Like Binge and Zorb, he posted extensively about his early efforts in cap making, and his work epitomized the unvarnished, homegrown nature of DIY methods. Nubb gradually improved his sculpting and casting, leading to popular sculpts such as the Dolly and Deckerson. He was also one of the earliest makers to experiment with 3D printed bases, and devised a system where he could swap out MX, Topre, TMX, and Alps stems across some of his molds, such as the Dolly v2.


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Although he was only active for a couple years before taking a long hiatus in 2015, Nubb's propensity to document his process influenced future makers, and his unique organic style was attractive to many collectors who were lucky enough to find his work. Nubb returned to the community in 2021 to socialize and privately send out some new casts of existing sculpts. In January 2022, Nubbinator ran his first sale since he left the hobby in 2015, with an ecclectic mix of his previous sculpts in some characteristically bold and whimsical colors.

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