KeyKollectiv was founded in early 2015 by Kudos and Koala, inspired by early makers, and out of their own desire for cute artisans and Topre blanks, which were not easy to find on the market at that time. Their early commercial casting efforts included HHKB modifier sets, an ambitious undertaking for any maker, let alone someone starting out. Their first commercial sculpts were a cat paw called Meowcap v1, and Chairman Meow, which was free with a minimum purchase in the first Meowcap sale. Like Omniclectic’s work, KeyKollectiv sculpts stood out among the more serious or macabre subject matter of the time. This trend followed with the delightful Keywalla and Furt, which were some of the earliest examples of fully cast encapsulated elements (after Nubbinator and Krytone) within a trans outer shell. With progressively impressive sculpts and broad appeal, KeyKollectiv would go on to have an outsize influence on both collectors and makers for many years, and lay the groundwork for the future evolution of Kudos' art.


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KeyKollectiv was also responsible for some of the earliest successful artisan collaborations, such as the Frankenfurt with Retrocaps, and the Kosmonaut with Omniclectic, both of which featured encapsulated elements. One of the most well known KeyKollectiv works are the SnacKeys, which are innovatively designed blanks that resemble fruits, where Kudos would have to solve viscosity and buoyancy issues for encapsulated elements such as seeds. The initial SnacKeys sale sold out within 7 seconds - one of many indicators of how popular KeyKollectiv would become, and how much of an impact the brand would have on the overall hobby.

Makers: KeyKollectiv

KeyKollectiv Topre Mods and Watermelon Fruit Reboot (KeyKollectiv)

Makers: KeyKollectiv

KeyKollective Exosphere Furt Reborn (KeyKollectiv)

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