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Hunger Work Studio (HWS), formerly Binge Caps, is one of the most prolific and longest active makers in the community. His catalog of iconic sculpts is impressive, from the famed Hungrkey and Otterphile, to the more recent Earl Esc and Popsi-Skull. Binge has also collaborated with other makers on popular sculpts such as the Fugthulhu (with Nightcaps) and Revthulhu (with Deathcaps). There is no doubt that this maker has influenced many hobbyists and other artisans over the years, and continues to make an impact.


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A self-trained artist, Binge started making keycaps back in 2013, and has since been a mainstay in the maker community, releasing progressively complex sculpts and casts. He has also collaborated with both makers and vendors to bring a lot of knowledge and tools to the community, including the :~$YNTH mold solution, switch lubricants, and, most recently, a line of colorants. Binge has authored quite a few posts on making keycaps on Geekhack, and has discord server with channel topics that cover design, sculpting, and molding.

HWS Hey Pachuco

Hey Pachuco 4x4 Sale Proto Star Colorway

Early Binge Caps

Various Early Binge Caps, Binge

Binge's sculpts are typically organic subjects - humanoid (eg. Earl Esc), anthropomorphic (eg. Ork Trooper), or zoomorphic (eg. Otterphile). He often makes many deliberate design revisions to sculpts before release, resulting in detailed textures and elements that can be cleanly cast. Binge is also known for being a meticulous record keeper and assiduous at color matching, enabling him to match keyset colors closely and reproduce them in subsequent casting sessions.

Hunger Works Studio is comprised of Binge and his partner WidgiePidge (and their dogs who appear on HWS ID cards), based in Pennsylvania, USA.

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