Grimey as Fvck

Grimey as Fvck (GAF) is the brand that Kudos created to express his evolving aesthetic, following his initial development as a maker under the Key Kollectiv label with his wife Koala. Kudos is notoriously fastidious about the quality of his work, and it shows. GAF artisans are sculpted over several revisions until they match Kudos' vision, and then painstakingly cast using a variety of multi-shot techniques, which can take up to 14 hours to complete for complex colorways. Despite the variability that could be introduced in this process, it is often difficult to spot differences between GAF caps within a colorway, due to the exacting requirements that Kudos imposes on the finished product. For these reasons, along with the interesting visual style that draws influences from graffiti, comics, and vinyl toys, GAF artisans are some of the most highly valued and coveted art in the hobby.


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